Monday, September 28, 2009

grrrrrrrreat weekend!

So I had a pretty awesome past couple of days. 

Friday was my parents' anniversary. My dad passed away almost 7 years ago, but my brother and I still like to celebrate with my mom. So my bro took my mom and I out to my parents' favorite Italian restaurant Buca di Beppo. Dinner just the 3 of us hasn't happened in a while and it was really nice, really fun, and made me smile when I thought about how much I love my family.

That night I went to my Vanessa's house and spent the night because the next day we were waking up at 4:30 IN THE MORNING (so intense..) because...wait for it...wait for it..

a new Forever 21 was opening in Culver City and they were giving out gift cards and discounts and we had to be one of the first 200 people in line to get it. *I know, I know...I'm sick*

But it ended up being really fun and crazy at times. We met some awesome people, including this chinese lady with a couple screws loose who taught us some basic chinese and an offbeat dance. A crazy lady who called security because she thought that we were cutting in line until the 30 people behind us vouched for us and started yelling "HATERRRRR!!" as she walked great! OH! and I spent waaaaaaaay too much money...

Sunday a group of us went to the the L.A. County Fair in Pomona and it was totally filled with fun! I've been to carnivals but I've never really been to a fair...I'm still not sure of the difference. We went on rides that make you sick, ate food that makes you sick, and I now have a necklace tan because it was blistering hot yesterday. ALL WORTH IT!

I told you he's special..

ATTENTION!! ^^That right therr *pause for effect*  is some deep fried snickers and yes, it tasted like heaven ::wipes slobber::

Shave ice

foot massager

"oh no it stopped!"

"damn I wanted a picture, just make the face still and pretend it's still going.."

Red velvet with cream cheese frosting and cotton candy on top

If I ate meat I would've tried it..

If I ate meat, I probably wouldn't have tried it..

some math:

Fair + good people = good times 


it's like a part of me is just...gone.

My camera at the moment is broken and I'm too busy shopping and spending my money recklessly to actually go and fix it. However, I'm ridiculously depressed without it. I do have a camera on my phone BUT IT'S NOT THE SAAAAAAAAME!!!!! ::stomps feet::

granted, my camera didn't quite look like this pic above (mine's a Nikon digital) but I felt this captured the loneliness and distance between us..

So now I sit...waiting for Blicious to post about our weekend so I can steal her pictures and BLOG!! Apurate muchacha!! :) :) :)


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beyond imagination

Emerson posted this on my facebook page and it's so far beyond words that "incredible" doesn't even touch it.

Watch and count how many times you gasp...mine was about 6-7 times

Saturday, September 26, 2009

found on Le love

So far I'm having a FANTASTIC weekend and I hope you are too.

 "these are the good ol' days"

post/pictures on Monday

Thursday, September 24, 2009

shop till I drop...or until my bank account gives out... bet's on the bank account giving out before I do

I bought this outfit yesterday, and wore it last night to the Abbey, a really fun gay club in W. Hollywood. 

and I plan on wearing it again and again and again and again and again..

THESE shoes...

::brace yourselves::

right?!?! I know...

I TOTALLY stole these from Blicious. Hers have gold studs, and these are silver, but other than that they're are JUST like hers and I love her for letting me steal her style...


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sibling conversation

First off, This is my brother:

he's special..

I just had this convo with him via gmail chat..

Me: "I just bought this shirt for you..

...your welcome"

B: "return it, I already ordered the tri-cranberry"

Me: "HA! and that stache...!"

B: "I love it. It's so dirty!"

hahaha I love us <3

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Camerabag app

So the iPhone has this App called camerabag and it's AWESOME!!! Basically I can turn this:

into these:

and this pic ^ made me remember that I have a Polaroid app on my comp to do all of THIS:

I still want the real deal but this is DEFINITELY making up for it in the mean time.. :)

ah Twilight..

I finished the twilight saga and I'm quite impressed. I fully let my tween side resurface. I haven't seen her since N'Sync days and it was kinda nice, kinda nice. I have to admit, I was completely enraptured with these books and I found myself diving into this sci-fi world of vampires and werewolves. The hype around it is still pretty intense but I do have to say with all honesty...


I. Am. A. Twilight. Geek.

wooooo....there now that wasn't so bad. 

No really, if you love Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, that kinda involved, different world reading then you will like Twilight. might help that I'm single and and desperate for an Edward Cullen 



9.11.86 (cont'd)

First off, let's get this out of the way...


"so when's your birthday?"




"September what?"




"oh ok...."


(wait for it)


(wait for it)


"OOOOOOOH!!! Wait, you're bday is September 11TH?!?!"


uh huh


"wow...that sucks"


not really..


"So, like, what was it know, on that day?"


um...I'm pretty sure it sucked for everyone..


"what did you do?"


watched t.v. like the rest of the world, stayed home from school and played cards with my bff. I was 15 (to answer the next question) and yes I celebrated on the 12th for the next 3 years..






OK. Moving on.

I had such a fun birthday this year...

wait...first things first. My birthday this year was on a Friday and i worked Thursday night till it turned into my bday at work. My cousin Vanessa and roomie bff Laura came to surprise me at my work and it was pretty amazing. For whatever reason they themed my surprise MEXICAN! So they bombarded me in front of customers (so great!) and they threw a sombrero on my head, a shot glass around me neck (cuz mexicans drink i guess?..), a mustache on my face, and mexican colored balloons in one hand and a taco bell burrito in the other, and started flashing pictures...

OMG it was the funniest thing ever! I was sweating I was laughing so hard..

OK! now to Friday..

I'm born and raised in L.A. and one thing I've always wanted to do is go on a tour of Hollywood...weird? maybe. but tourists always look so odd and out of place and I LOVE it!!! So My mom, my 2 cousins Megan and Vanessa, and me dressed up like tourists, took a double decker around hollywood, went into the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum (something I've never done) and it was the best day.

p.s. I had a WAAAAY touristy-er shirt picked out but vanessa gave me that shirt for my bday and I had to wear it :)



Athiest: "AAACHOOOOO!"

Dane Cook: "God Bless you"

Athiest: "um..I'm an Athiest"

             ::try this again knowing someone's an Athiest::

Athiest: "AACHOOOOO!!"

DC: "When you die, nothing happens.."

This means something to my fam...won't say anymore ooooooh


Meg...or my stalker


Ok so after Hwood we headed back to the valley and had all the fam over for some home cooked Lasagna mmmmmm. After we went to Kress in Hollywood to party the night away bday girl style. I love my peeps!

It was such an awesome birthday and I STILL can't get the shoe polish off of my car thanks to Ness!!!! 


most pics stolen from Blicious :)