Monday, May 25, 2009

Sana and Naveed's Wedding <3

Such a beautiful wedding on such a beautiful day. I had a blast and I couldn't be happier for the gorgeous couple! 

Friday, May 15, 2009


Soooooo kind of a crazy weekend ahead and I'm excited about it!! First, last night my cousin Megan put eyelash extensions on me and they are INCREDIBLE!! I've had them before but I forgot how wonderful they make you feel. You can wake up in the morning and just GO. You still look amazing at the beach and..and..(starts singing) "I feel pretty, oh so pretty.." I'll post pics later..

So tonight I'm bartending a friend of a friend's party and I'm super stoked. We'll see how I do haha

and tomorrrrow is Sana and Naveed's wedding in Cambria, which is near Hurst Castle if you've ever been, but it's about 3-4 hours north from L.A. where I live. I'm going by myself so I expect to be really bored and I'll probably start blogging random stuff while I'm driving, so heads up. 

and then Sunday I return...ugh I'm tired just thinking about it!

Until then my sweets, I leave you with this lovely video found on Le Love

Have a great weekend!!! <3

Friday, May 8, 2009

but Brandon MADE me do it...

So my brother sent this to me and told me to post this on my blog. And since I do everything he tells ya go

I mean, it is pretty badass

Thursday, May 7, 2009

have you ever seen a baby hedgehog?

Now you have....

How flippin cute is this?!?!

Friday, May 1, 2009

"CLEARly" - Brandi or Angelique (it's debatable)

So last night Brandi and I went to Clear in Studio City. It's a Bar/club/loungey kinda place. I went there last Friday and it was pretty packed, and rumor had it that Thursday nights were supposed to be "SLAMMIN" so that's why we went. Well, rumors are rumors for a reason so Brandi and I decided to have a little fun. these guys came over to "talk" to us (cuz that's all guys like to do right...?) and they were really obnoxious so we told them we were mormon. The conversation went like this...

them: Hey guys, what's up?

us: heeeeeey...uh...not much

them: (as they sit) You know I gotta say, you guys are MUCH prettier up close than far away.

us: ...

them: Yeah, from far away (they make this twisty hand movement, and turn their mouth expression downward, which together means "eh") average, but up close...WOW!

us: ...

them: So what are you guys drinking?

Brandi: Cranberry juice, I don't drink (pffff hahahaha)

me: pineapple juice (insert halo)

them: oh you guys don't drink? why not?

us: we're mormon

*20 minutes later...*

them: Wait so where's the passion in arranged marriage? I mean if you have only met the guy a couple times, how do you know you love him? Why are you marrying someone you don't even know?

me: All I need to know is that he believes in God. We have the same belief system and I know one day I'll grow to love him. I mean Brandi is engaged to my brother (which is true. They've been together since they were 12. Not engaged but basically married).

*10 minutes later*

me: What if I told you this whole time I was lying?

them: (awkwardly chuckles) um...

me: ...

them: It was nice meeting you ladies


other great things...Chad Michael Murray randomly walked in (minus his "fiance" ugggghhh), some Quagmire lookalike creepster kept breathing on Brandi's shoulder, we met some really awesome chicks, and the bartenders rocked!

AAAAAAAnnnnDDDDD I went on xanabitocx's site and found this awesome way to end hunger!!!! Go HERE and basically you play this little multiple choice game of: this word means this. If you get it right then they donate ten grains of rice. It's privately sponsored and incredibly awesome!! I'm already up to 1000 grains :0)