Tuesday, August 23, 2011

dream analysis

Usually my dreams are very normal. I don't know why but I'm mostly on the couch watching t.v. or walking around with some people doing nothing important or weird. BUT THE OTHER NIGHT! woah.

It might reflect my life which has been anything but normal lately...or I might just have a really impressive imagination. OK.

So I'm a pirate. I'm being chased by this big and scary man (who looks a lot like my last play director) and he captures me. Now, this is no damsel in distress moment. I'm a fighter. I'm a pirate! But he does capture me. He turns me around and he slowly stabs me twice in the back on either side of my spine. Right after that he proceeds to carve a giant "H" that takes up my entire back.

::footnote:: This dream happened after running into a boy that has been causing problems in my life recently. His name starts with an "H". Coincidence? So far our entire relationship has been coincidence..or "fate" as he calls it. ::puke:: We'll call him "Hasshole", for argument's sake.

Ok so giant "H" on back and the stabs wounds. I'm bleeding like crazy and I then realize that this is all happening under water. So I immediately think that I need oxygen and to swim to the top, but also SHARKS! I am bleeding..

Once I get to the top I see Hasshole and he sees I'm bleeding. He tells me "I know of an underground hospital nearby and they're really good." Some secret door opens (which totally makes sense, as it always does in dreams) and we walk into a strip club. It's loud and dark and I now only have the "H" on my back which is still bleeding, The stabs wounds healed I guess? There is this stripper surgeon and she says she can help me. I, obviously, am skeptic and that offends her. She gets a phone call and it's a casting director telling her that I need to go back or I'll lose my job. "But I'm bleeding!" I say. She points out that I'm not and they are just giant scars now. So I go back and walk onto the set of a Jennifer Lopez music video. I'm one of her dancers and need to get back to work. I'm in a lot of pain but it was still fun. We take a break and Jennifer says "Ok guys, there's a McDonald's and a subway right over there. On me!"

And then I wake up.

So let's recap. I'm an underwater pirate who can withstand a lot of pain, including Hasshole, who takes me to an underground strip club hospital. I heal rather quickly and dance with a very generous Jennifer Lopez.

analyze that shit..

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My week in pictures..

Craaaaazy week filled with Vegas, bachelor/bachelorette parties, Thunder From Down Under, DJ Pauly D, Dance rehearsals, Demitri Martin, Hookah, late night eating binges with the homies, cardio barre, lash extensions, Megan and Vanessa's birthdays, The Griddle Cafe, aaaaaand the September issue. Love.

Monday, August 8, 2011

My week in pictures..

I had such a fun week! It was crazy busy in all the good ways, filled with working, studying scripts, acting, dancing, and seeing old friends. Life is good right now :)

The breakdown:

~ I've been auditioning like a MAD woman!

~ I'm playing 23 games in Words with Friends. It's literally taking over my life. This picture is from the game with my mom. 114 points!!!! In all fairness, I did NOT see that coming...

~ One of my besties, Sana, got hitched a couple years ago, moved to China with her hubby to make the world a better place, and is now visiting!! Our claim to fame is beach buddies so our first stop was Zuma beach in Malibu.

Note: I live in SoCal and this was my 2nd time to the beach this summer. *tragic*

~ After the beach we headed to El Portal Theater for what we thought was a "spoken word" show thingy that our friend Rob was in. We walk in and almost immediately I see Dee Caspary, who is an AMAZING contemporary choreographer who you might know from a little show called So You Think You Can Dance!!! I was like....wait a minute....what is this? Turns out that this "spoken word" thingy that our friend Rob is in, is actually an incredible dance show put on by choreographers to showcase dance. The show is called The Nvitational and it's a 2 week run of many dances by different choreographers, half you would recognize from SYTYCD. The most awesomest surprise ever.

~ Afterwards, we headed to the Alcove which is a really cute/swanky restaurant in Silverlake. Lots of bricks and twinkle lights, very romantic on a summer night. They had a glorious display of desserts and truffle oil which I die over.

~At the show I also recognized some SYTYCD alumni. One in particular was Katee, a season 4 finalist. I met her and she was really sweet. I happened to mention her to Rob at dinner and, without me knowing, goes up to her and says "wanna embarrass my friend?" he gets her to write this silly little note to me which actually did embarrass me. Don't mind the chocolate smudge on the note. I told you....glorious desserts.

*One of my favorite pieces from season 4. Katee & Joshua doing "Hometown Glory" choreographed by Mia Michaels

~ Saturday night I filmed a Netflix spec commercial. It's all gonna be in slow motion which I can't wait to see. I love me some slow motion.

~ Sunday was a GREAT day! A few of us girls went wig shopping in Hollywood for Brandi's bachelorette party which is this weekend in VEGAS! I can't wait! We walked up and down the blvd. walking into crazy/weird/scary shops, some of which I can't believe even exist. After a fun day of being yelled at by a crazy guy, us yelling at the snobs in Iguana, frantically racing to put money in the meter....forgetting it's Sunday, eating lunch in a fun little alley way that made us feel like we were out of town, we FINALLY found our wigs. SUCCESS!!!

~ "EYE BOOGIE" haha

~ I closed the week out by going back to The Nvitaional, taking Brandi and my mom this time. We then met up with my brother across the street at The Federal for a really nice dinner.

Such a great week, and this one promises to be even better! Happy Monday!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

My week in pictures..

~Best coffee ever, in the coolest cup ever
~Smoking hookah with one of my besties
~We went to this cute little place called "Churros Calientes" in Santa Monica. They have all different kinds of churros and some paninis and stuff. We walked in and found ourselves on a little movie set. UCLA students were filming in there and the only way to eat lunch was if we agreed to be extras in the film haha. Only in L.A...
~I got a dance gig in a music video for Frankmusik & Colette Carr. It's been a while since I've done any dancing....I kinda forgot how much I love it. I met some really amazing people and I can't wait to get back in the scene again. The theme was kinda like a "Grease" theme, there were the goody goodies in school and then the bad girls. I was one of the good girls...obviously lol
~SLURPEES!!!! When was the last time you had one of those! Cherry, Blue Rasberry, and Coke with an edible sour straw...YES PLEASE!!
~We had a surprise 50th bday party for my mom's bf Joe. It was football themed and we broke out our awesome Jersey's. Brandi will be a Scarpelli in almost exactly one month!!