Thursday, September 17, 2009

Moses supposes his toeses are roses

Saturday the 5th was my Uncle's 50th surprise party and it was a kick ass time! He used to be a child actor and the entertainment industry has always been close to his heart. We decided to make the party "oscar" themed and even gave him a Lifetime achievement award in the form of an OSCAR!! We are a family of entertainers and have been performing all of our lives. Every really big party that we have, we usually put on a show. THIS show was by far the best and most elaborate. Amazing. Also, anytime we can dress up, we do. On the invite we encouraged celebrity look-a-likes, but of course, as a family we are never the shy ones and always take it farther than others..

The Birthday boy :)

Cyd Charisse, Liz Taylor, Ava Gardner

My awesomely tipsy Aunt

Mom (Racquel Welch) and the BF

My cuz Megan (Ava)

                              THE SHOW!

When my mom/aunts/uncles were younger they had a show called the "Kopy Cats". My Grandfather (who was an actor) created the show with all of his kids dressing up as celebrities from that time (Liza minelli, Elvis Presley, Sonny and Cher, etc.) and they actually went on tour. So the picture above is my cousin Kevin re-enacting my Uncle (the bday boy)'s number. Don't be Cruel

My 2 cousins (the bday boy's kids) dancing traditional Mexican Folkorico

HA! My bro and my cousin doing "My Little Buttercup" from the Three Amigos. 

My uncle used to perform as the Aztec king Montezuma. So this is his son opening up the show. It was actually very funny. 

All the guy cousins broke out their green tights to perform "Men in Tights"

Me performing Donald O'connor's "make em laugh" number from Singing in the Rain. The most physical number ever!!! aaaaaand the most props we've ever used. *pat on the back*

All the girl cousins teamed up to do Rocky Horror Picture Show's "Time Warp". The girl who played Riff Raff is actually the girl above in the white dress, Megan. She went from gorgeous to unrecognizable..

This number was taken from one of my uncle's favorite movies, Young Frankenstein. It's "Putting on the Ritz", performed by my other uncle and my cousin's 6'5" boyfriend...perfect.

It was such an amazing night. 

We had other numbers that I don't have pics for right now. but a few years back all the girl cousins performed "Cell Block Tango" from Chicago and it was hot and awesome. So for this party we had all of our mom's perform it and it was so INCREDIBLE I have no words to explain how amazing they all were and how the STILL got it OWW!!


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