Friday, January 15, 2010

The bitch is back...

I know, I know. You can stop holding your breathe now, I'm back!!!

It's been an awesome month and I'm doing big things. but FIRST! we must catch up :)


B and B had an awesome christmas party. Red and white themed, and lots of fist pumping...and, well peeing on coffee tables. don't ask.

Ness also had a xmas party...

Then it was time for actual xmas, and anytime my family gets the chance to dress up we do. So last November a few of us went to go see "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" musical at Pantages. While we were there I saw this little girl dressed up as a Who and I was like "ummmm, I want a teacup in my hair..." So we told the whole family and come christmas day we all came dressed up in our jammies and crazy Who hair. Basically, my family is awesome.

A few of us went to Little Rock for some Pre New year's partying. It's the kind of place that's fun if you make it we did!

New Year's was supposed to be AMAZING! 

wah wah wah...

We got all decked out and....nothing. We partied for a little bit and I tried, I really did. But..oh well.

Ok so far this year has been pretty busy. I'm working a lot which is good, but leaves little time to blog read. I just worked on the movie Dinner for Schmucks with Paul rudd and Steve Carell. It was SO much fun! I only worked with Paul Rudd and he's awesome, but getting to see comedian's improv is so amazing and incredibly fun.  Anyway, off to stalk all of your blogs. So if you see me running around the blog world going crazy, don't fret I'm just overly excited.



Blogger Britters said...

What the eff. Don't you ever give me shit for not blogging and then dissapear on us bitch!! Unless you're getting famous.

January 24, 2010 at 7:12 AM  

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