Sunday, October 11, 2009 don't know what to say...well, let's see...I'd like to thank....MY FANS!!

Because without you, there'd be no me...

(pause for effect)

(make crazy/distorted/about to cry face)

::wait for it::

::wait for it::

tear.. (just one)

Look mom, look what I got!!
A Kreativ Blogger Award!! SWEET!
The rules are as follows...
1) Thank the blogger that gave you award. 
Share 10 things that your blog readers may not know about you.
3) Present this award to 7 bloggers you find brilliant in content and/or design, or those whose blog has encouraged you.

Well Jess, I'm sure you know how I feel about you because I've expressed it more than once. But what the hay...You ROCK!! and thanks again for this misspelled award! ;)

Ok 10 things the blog world may not know about moi

1) I'm a Baha'i!! Yep, and it's awesome. I declared about 3 years ago, but I've known about the faith my whole life through my cousin. And if you don't know what the Baha'i Faith is, my apologies. Let me introduce you. Baha'i Faith, readers. Readers, Baha'i Faith. Basically, to quote the website provided..

The Bahá'í Faith is the youngest of the world's independent religions. Its founder, Bahá'u'lláh (1817-1892), is regarded by Bahá'ís as the most recent in the line of Messengers of God that stretches back beyond recorded time and that includes Abraham, Moses, Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster, Christ and Muhammad.

The central theme of Bahá'u'lláh's message is that humanity is one single race and that the day has come for its unification in one global society. God, Bahá'u'lláh said, has set in motion historical forces that are breaking down traditional barriers of race, class, creed, and nation and that will, in time, give birth to a universal civilization. The principal challenge facing the peoples of the earth is to accept the fact of their oneness and to assist the processes of unification.

and to sum THAT up...we believe in unity in mankind. <---to sum THAT up, this religion rocks :)

2) I have Philippino neighbors that I've known since I was about 9 and I love them like crazy. And every Saturday and Sunday morning they blast the local Oldies radio station starting at around 7 or 8am. Normally, you know, being 23 and all I should be pissed, but waking up to the sounds of the past with no plans in mind always starts off my day with a smile.

3) A few years ago for my little cousin's birthday, all the grown up girl cousins dressed up like the Disney princesses. Since we're Mexican and I have huge family, this was possible. I was nominated to be Ariel (since I look so much like her and all). So this was fun and great, but since then, since a few years ago, my family has been giving me Ariel EVERYTHING. I have accumulated posters, pictures, ALL the school supplies a Disney freak could ask for, dolls, Barbies, purses, etc. It's insane and I'm still not sure why they keep it up..

4) I cliff jump.

So here's a couple pics. They are both on Maui. The first one is actually the highest I have ever jumped off of, it was about 65-70 ft and it was SO much fun!!! The second is at 7 pools in Hana and it's about 60 feet. In the middle of the picture that's me in the air (not standing on the rock) and above that, where the people are, is where I jumped from. But I basically jump off of anything I can find if it's into water. Here's a link to a video of me jumping off some guy's roof into his pool. Oh and the guy in the backround saying "GO! Just do it!" Is my brother...

5) I have a Godson and he's the most gorgeous/special/smart/funny/amazing thing in my life. His name is Kawika, he's 7, and he lives in Hawaii..

6) I have a new kitty and his name is King Louie. Let me splain. It started off with Baghira who is my all black know, the jungle book. Then we got a gray cat and named him Baloo. Sadly Baloo is no longer with us :( Then my brother got a cat and named him Moglie, and he actually turned out to be a she. So this new kitty is a redhead, hence King Louie. (But I call him Fire Crotch!)

7) I have 2 Tattoos. 

This one is behind my neck and it's a 9 pointed star, a symbol for the Baha'i Faith. The other I don't have a pic for but it's the letter N and it's behind my ear. It stands for Nick, my dad <3

8) I went to the Jason Mraz concert last night, thanks to Emerson, and it was INCREDIBLE!! I flippin love him. Pics to come

9) I've broken both my arms, a leg, and cracked my head open (all at different times)

10) I'm really hungry

Present to 7 Bloggers - (copying Jess and also not telling) ;0)

Happy Sunday Folks <3>


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