Friday, October 9, 2009

"When accessorizing always take off the last thing you put on"

"Where should one use perfume?" a young woman asked. "Wherever one wants to be kissed," I said.

"Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress."

"Fashion passes, style remains."

The other day, my cousin and I went to see the movie "Coco before Chanel" thanks to Ashley from Ghetto Blaster for letting me known of its existence. It's the story of Gabrielle aka Coco Chanel's life and how she started designing. When women wore corsets, she wore pant suits. When other women adorned their hair with too many accessories, she wore straw hats. Finally her brilliance was recognized and it was the start of a new fashion era that she will forever be remembered by. It was incredible and I was happily surprised that it was in French....le sigh

Oh and I wore my new wedge ankle booties...yum

After seeing the movie, I became really inspired to do some DIY stuff. I'm on a shoe CRAZE right now...well, scratch that, I'm on a shopping craze but shoes just melt me. So I grabbed some old, suede Steve Madden's that I never wear anymore cuz I've stepped in one too many puddles and tried something out...



What do ya think? Not bad right? Yeah, I don't think these are done yet since they are my sample pair and I have a couple things I wanna try out on them. But I think it's pretty good for my first time, and if it's not then it's just gonna have to be, cuz I'm broke now and if I want new things I'm gonna have to make it out of old things. :)

Ok, so you know how I just said I'm broke...

and you know how I just said I have a shopping problem...

Ok so a new H & M was opening yesterday about 40 minutes from my house. The first 200 people get gift cards...well, that's pretty much my viagra right there. So getting up at 4:30 was noooooo problem to someone like me with this kind of disease (don't judge me).

So my cuz Vanessa and I drove to Torrance to stand in line for 6 hours to receive our gift cards and it was totally worth it.  I was exhau...wait exhausted doesn't even cover how tired I was. I was nauseous I was so tired. I was begging for someone to stab my eyes out with a dull pencil, they were burning so bad. But I got really cute clothes....ugh, I need help.

at 6:00am...only 6 more hours to go...

Oh and I know everyone has already posted/drooled over these, but I couldn't resist

Alexander Mcqueen Spring 2009 = the love of my life

Pics found here


Blogger ♥Aubrey said...

Never heard of that movie either...but as my luv for Chanel...i MUST see :) What cute shoes you wore.'r a girl after my own heart. You put shopping as a #1 priority. ME TOO!!! Too many clothes to stash in my closet. Oopsies.

October 9, 2009 at 12:26 PM  

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